New Frontiers of Extrasolar Planets: Exploring Terrestrial Planets

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List of research announcements in the new academic field of “exoplanets” (academic years 2014 – 2015)

①Study of exoplanet atmospheres by visible-light high-precision spectroscopic imaging photometry (Mamoru Doi / University of Tokyo)

②Atmospheric composition of exoplanets determined by simultaneous precision transit observations in 6 visible and infrared bands (Takahiro Nagayama / University of Kagoshima)

③Development of a super wideband optical comb generator for detecting terrestrial planets by the radial velocity method (Takayuki Kotan / NAOJ)

④Numerical study of diversity in exoplanet atmospheric dynamics using a deep convection model (Shinichi Takehiro / University of Kyoto)

⑤Determination of dust size distribution in disk gaps: Construction of a theoretical model for observation and direct comparison (Kazuhiro Kanagawa / University of Hokkaido)

⑥Construction of a multi-wavelength radiation equilibrium model for protoplanetary disks (Tomoyuki Hanawa / University of Chiba)

⑦Theoretical model for determining the turbulence state of protoplanetary disks from high spatial resolution radio observations (Taku Takeuchi / Tokyo Institute of Technology)

⑧Formation of gaseous planets by gravitational instability and the evolution of protoplanetary disks (Masahiro Machida / University of Kyushu)

⑨Explanation of the relationship between evolutionary diversity and metal content in protoplanetary disks  (Yuhe Takagi / University of Hyogo)

⑩Origins of the atmosphere and internal structure of short-period super Earths around a low-temperature star as determined from the formation process(Yasunori Hori / NAOJ)