New Frontiers of Extrasolar Planets: Exploring Terrestrial Planets

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology  Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Research in a proposed research area) 2011-2015

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Process for Applying for the First Public Research

For this area of research, we are accepting applications for two-year public research from 2012. We are looking forward to your entry.

We will explain the steps in detail later as the process may be complicated. Please feel free to contact us with further questions or for further details.

New Frontiers of Extrasolar Planets: Exploring Terrestrial Planets

Abbreviated Title of Research Area Extrasolar planet
Number 2302
Term From 2012 to 2013
Representative Masahiko Hayashi
Department School of Science, the University of Tokyo

The research of planets revolving around fixed stars other than the Sun (extrasolar planets) gave us a new outlook on the universe. More than 500 various extrasolar planets have been discovered and it is now more important than ever that we further develop planetary science of extrasolar planets. For this research, with the purpose of developing planetary science of extrasolar planets in Japan, we encourage the research of planets in habitable zones, direct imaging and spectroscopy of gas giants and the high-resolution observation of protoplanetary disks. By fusing theories of planet formation and theories of planetary atmosphere, we are aiming to integrate the understanding of the origin, formation and evolution of the planets in our solar system and extrasolar planets.

We encourage research plans A01, A02, B01 and B02, and accept candidates for research related to the undermentioned from the general public. One-year research is not applicable. You cannot assign the researching role to others.

We are focusing on nourishing human resources to lead the future, and we are strongly expecting innovative observations or theories from young researchers. Applicants must provide research that is outside of our usual research plans including but not limited to the following:

  1. Research to improve the accuracy of the inspection of terrestrial planets.
  2. Research about the origin, evolution and structure of extrasolar planets.
  3. The construction of the disk model that is directly comparable with observations.
  4. The observation of the solar system and extrasolar planet comparative planetology.

We are expecting 3 researches with the upper expense limit of 3 million yen per one year and 6 researches with the upper expense limit of 1 million. You may also refer to for general research guidelines. Please contact a research planning representative for more details.

Research Topics (Research Plans)

A01: Direct imaging and spectroscopy of gas giant and detection for terrestrial planets (Representative: Masahiko Hayashi)
A02: The Numerical Value Modeling of Extrasolar Planet Atmosphere and the Theory of Planet Formation and Evolution (Representative: Kiyoshi Kuramoto)
B01: From a "disk" to a "planet" (Representative: Munetake Momose)
B02: Formation Theory of Habitable Terrestrial Planets (Representative: Shigeru Ida)

Guideline to create the application form

A. Web Entry

  1. Log into e-Rad Electronic application system for Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research, and go to "menu for applicants." The following pages should appear.
  2. Out of six buttons in the area of "Start the Entry", choose "New Research Area of Study (research area suggesting type) (continuous researching area) in the bottom right to go to the following page;
  3. Select "Application Entry" in green and click on "OK" on the next page. This leads you to the following website.
  4. Choose "Public Research" in "Research Area" and "New" in "New and Renewal". Put "2302" for research category. You can check with “List” button.
  5. For "Research Number", please choose the closest topic to your research from above-mentioned research topics (research plans) from A01-B02.
  6. Please fill out the rest. (It is the same as the other entries for expenses)

B. Research Record

  1. Go to the following website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and search for the key word "Research from the Public."
  2. – Create Style S-1-21_ (research plan document) , entry guideline 
    For the continuous research category “Public Research (New)”
    -The output image “Research from the Public (New)” of Application Information(Web entry)
    - It should look like Style S-1-21 (Word:153KB)

  3. "StyleS-1-21" is the template of the application while applicant must fill out. The other two are PDF explanation files.
  4. Attach the created document to the web entry.