International Workshop on "Exoplanets and Disks: Their Formation and Diversity III"


Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016 -- Wednesday, 24 Feb, 2016


Hotel Nikko Yaeyama, 1F Yaeyama (English page) (Japanese page)
Address: 559 Aza-ohkawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa 907-0022


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT): Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Research in a Proposed Research Area) 2011-2015 "New Frontiers of Extrasolar Planets: Exploring Terrestrial Planets"

Registration and Abstract submission deadline:

December 31, 2015

Goals and Objectives:

Two years have passed since we had the conference "Exoplanets and Disks: Their Formation and Diversity II" in Kona, Hawai`i, and yet new discoveries of exoplanets and direct imaging of disks have continuously been changing our views of the Universe. A large number of earth-like planets were detected in the past decade, some located in habitable zones. Direct imaging and spectroscopy of gas giants have now become feasible with the largest optical/infrared telescopes. With regard to the formation of exoplanets, a wide variety of protoplanetary disks were imaged at high angular resolution, revealing their often peculiar morphology suggestive of unseen planets around young stars. ALMA has begun to provide attractive spectacles of planetary system formation. Stimulated by observations, computer simulations and laboratory experiments are refining our ideas about grain growth and planetesimal formation processes in the disks.

During the last four years, the MEXT Grant-in-Aid program "New Frontiers of Extrasolar Planets: Exploring Terrestrial Planets" has played important roles in this field. This workshop aims at focusing on the items listed below and at sharing the latest scientific outcomes on exoplanet science, in particular, of this 5-year program. Researchers and students in the fields of protoplanetary/debris disks, exoplanets, dust growth, and related instrumentation are encouraged to attend. We expect more than 100 people in attendance.


Registration and Abstract Submission:

We welcome your oral contributions, but some might be assigned as poster presentations depending on the number of participants requesting oral presentations. Each poster presenter can give 1 min short oral presentation in the evening (17:00-18:00) on 22nd February.
Because of the limited number of hotel rooms near the workshop venue, we sincerely ask the participants to make the reservation of the hotel room and the flight ticket as soon as possible. In the course of the registration, you can ask the LOC for a help in finding your hotel rooms.

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Workshop Organizing Comiittee:

Hayashi, Masahiko (NAOJ, Chair)
Ida, Shigeru (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ELSI)
Kuramoto, Kiyoshi (Hokkaido University)
Momose, Munetake (Ibaraki University)
Hanayama, Hidekazu (NAOJ)
McElwain, Michael W. (NASA/GSFC)
Miyaji, Takeshi (NAOJ)
Muto, Takayuki (Kogakuin University)
Nomura, Hideko (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Sakon, Itsuki (University of Tokyo)
Sato, Bunei (Tokyo Institute of Techonology)
Sekine, Yasuhito (University of Tokyo)
Takahashi, Yoshiyuki (Kobe University)
Yasui, Chikako (University of Tokyo)
Yamaguchi, Noriko (University of Tokyo, Secretary)
Kamatani, Yatomi (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ELSI, Secretary)

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